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Ganar Poco
wrote a post05/11/2022 00:33

Are we chasing a shadow? So near but yet so far. I give up, going to rest.

Anyone caught in a trap? Hope u get out before sinking further. Once moment the boat seem floating, next moment it went submerged. No for the "weak" 🧡 tonight, hope everyone is wearing a life jacket, holding onto a float.
Are we chasing a shadow? So near but yet so far. I give up, going to rest.
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  • Milamber : Were you able to profit from today’s trade or just recovering and getting out from trap? It is again a very challenging day.

  • 劫财死远点劫色就来吧 : Market is very fake now and so obvious, exactly like March.
    Doesn't stock exchange has guidelines or rules to forbid manipulating market in this way.

  • Ganar PocoOP Milamber: I was getting in & out of traps after traps the whole time, where u thot it going 🍏 & suddenly its turned 🍎
    I kept my calm (sometimes i go crazy), scout for better opportunity & came out alive, hitting my minimum target gain.

  • Ganar PocoOP : My past trading experience told myself to stop when I'm positive (even $10 gain).
    Cos most of the times if u carry on, u ended up negative.  Trust me, i been there plenty of times . 🤣

  • Ganar PocoOP 劫财死远点劫色就来吧: They will encourage it, if not, how to earn your fees

  • Milamber Ganar PocoOP: Another strange day, like a normal day but traps trap traps

  • Ganar PocoOP Milamber: Is a day where we r the puppet, where we dance to the will of the puppeteer.  Multiple of fake rallies to trap us at the beginning & ending. However, there r still opportunities if u keep your trade short & sweet.
    But if u r looking for a normal chart pattern for signal, then good luck to u.

  • Aurelian : awful price action