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commented on a stock05/09/2022 11:02

We have waiting for so long record date of tyde

$Vinco Ventures(BBIG.US)$
first, I believe bbig community has do enough dd and conviction with the company or the dividend’s squeeze. I came across see YouTuber profit taking strategy selling at $3 range which is ”not wrong doing” but guys pls we have holding for so long it’s not profit taking at this range is kind of interest rate , the real profit taking is 300%-1000% with such good dividends spin off , I don’t care if I’m losing some money bbig but we still have strong support at 3.05 , 2.6 gap filled , all time support 2-2.2 so basically won’t happen because we already have confirmed news with tyde spin off record date . it’s important for us to hold $3-3.05 support then we can  see breaking  3.5 resistance once we hit $4 more retail will fomo in. for call option investor don’t go too high strike price just focus $3-$4 for this coming week to sustain short sell and profit takers. ”touch words” if bbig really don’t go moon and maintain at $2-$3 why not just hold til spin off date why not ? why not ? why not ? it’s free ! this is not financial advice , I wish everyone have good profit ! I have with bbig since last year sept , we are waiting for that long and can’t we just let fcking go to moon?! 🚀 happy trading !
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