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Tesla's stock price has skyrocketed again. Did you expect it?
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Lucid Q1 2022 Earnings Highlights

Strong consumer demand and $5.4 billion of cash on hand
Lucid Q1 2022 Earnings Highlights
KEY Figures:
● Revenue of $57.7M driven by customer deliveries of 360 vehicles in Q1 2022
● Net loss was $81.3 million and decreased 92.3% Q/Q
● Cash and Cash Equivalents was $5.39B and decreased 13.9% Q/Q
● R&D expense was $186.1 million in line with the consensus estimate.

More statistics:
Lucid Q1 2022 Earnings Highlights
Lucid Q1 2022 Earnings Highlights
KEY Points:
● Strong consumer demand for Lucid Air with reservations exceeding 30,000 as of May 2022, reflecting potential sales of $2.9 billion.
● Production volume outlook for FY2022 remains at 12,000 to 14,000 vehicles
● The company announced new pricing effective June 1 while keeping the current price for existing reservation holders
● Lucid faces global supply chain and logistics challenges, including Covid-related factory shutdowns in China.
● Compared to other EV rivals, Lucid's production scale is still not large enough, making it difficult to achieve the economic benefits of mass production. Until now, the company is not yet profitable.
The KEY in your hands:
By May 2022, Lucid share has dropped 52% since the start of 2022, underperforming the S&P 500, which is about 13% declined in the same period.
Therefore, with the latest Q1 financial results, do you think it is the right choice to invest in LCID? What is your opinion and analysis about it? Speak out with mooers and get inspired by sharing!
Comment here before May 31 ET. One mooer has the chance to win 600 points! The other two mooers can win 300 points! (based on content originality, quality and engagement). Any comment is welcomed!

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  • Yeo Eng Soon : 快跑吧丽娇

  • Boonday : 電池和充電是個大問題。

  • DickasarusApex : Thanks for the great insights!

  • 70667899 : Thumbs Up

  • JL8519 : Long term investment😅

  • Markio1315 : do they have a CEO crazy enough to sleep at production floor everyday trying to resolve issues? if no, then the answer is they are way behind the curve to success. not every EV is successful.

  • Mike Hunt : Saying “Until now, the company is not yet profitable.” Clearly identifies the writer as a bear because that phrase is applicable to essentially every EV maker except Tesla.  Same goes for citing COVID supply chain issues in China.  Decreasing net loss by 92% is incredible.  The fact they didn’t raise prices for existing orders and only for future ones shows smart business sense lacking with other EV makers.  The experience of the management team, the backing of Saudi money, I believe this is the EV to invest in especially at these ridiculously low share prices.

  • Yew Kian Onn : Capex and production also supply chain need to solve this issue

  • Evelynne : 825 today

  • Deep Value Mike Hunt: Thanks for sharing. But it seems one important player with profit is missin. BYD.  Besides, how to you weigh Rivian and Lucid ?Smile

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