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commented on a stock05/05/2022 19:29

$Twitter (Delisted)(TWTR.US)$$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ WHY Twitter TWO reasons:...

$Twitter (Delisted)(TWTR.US)$ $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ WHY Twitter
TWO reasons:
- Elon’s commitment to FREE SPEECH (you may not believe it because it is costing him Billions)
- The fact that he will manage to take the TWT stock price to 200 $ in less than 3 years.
As for the first, he could have waited Tesla’s Q4, or even better Q4 2023 with a TSLA stock price around equivalent to 2000$ (split, Cybertruck, FSD, robot prototype, new record sales and earnings etc) instead of selling shares and committing a lot of them to the banks at about 900$. Plus, due to the financial moment and TWT poor results, the TWT stock would probably have decreased to less than 30$: It would have cost him 1/3 overall if bought next year. BUT he felt that the liberty of speech was in serious peril, the censorship was getting invasive and, MOST OF ALL, the one-side narrative and the FUD was getting dangerous for his companies: he needed a new “power position” in order to be able to defend them. His enemies will continue to talk a lot (he is not a censor as they are), but they will consider twice (or better three times) before spreading shit because now it’s him who owns the mediatic “weapon”.
As for the second: Just his ownership, with a few limited changes enabling new streams of revenue within 6 months would make the TWT stock double, or at least reach its old max (about 75 $). But he will do much more doubling or tripling the profits and transforming Twitter to a more commercially oriented platform with financial services (maybe in Dogecoin for the security and econimicity of transactions) and in three years he will be making a lot of money with a potential of 10x growth (compared to what goes on on the other mainstream social networks). At that point he will take it public again, he will sell a PART of his shares for about 50 billions (not much more otherwise he would only pay taxes), maintain the control over the board (as all his other companies), and sign a billionaire compensation plan as CEO (of course 🤑 ).
In just three years he will see his money back with a “liquid” profit he will decide (to finance other enterprises), he will have got the ownership of Twitter (and the related power) for FREE, he will be making a lot of money and also will be able to defend his operate from the highest pedestal for a long, long time, without the need to ask or pay for publicity, without needing to lobby the corrupted politic system. ALL he will need is a TWEET.
That’s WHY, in my opinion.
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