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Today's Profit / Loss
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joined discussion05/05/2022 02:54

Action packed day to remember

$Apple(AAPL.US)$ $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ 
it is a day to remember when situation was very volatile and dynamic with high anticipation of the FOMC decision. Thankfully, Chair Powell delivered an expected decision and was very welcomed by the market through sharp rise of Nasdaq and S&P at 2pm and 2.30 on Eastern.
the sharp rise was preferred by a sharp drop around 10am Eastern. I was trapped with Microsoft and looking at the news, seems whales are playing with unusually large position of options amounting over a million dollars worth of contracts
I was able to get out with small surplus and dealt with other chips for a reasonable reward.  I hope you were able to enjoy the ride and benefit from it
Action packed day to remember
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  • itsgoodinmysoul : What does this number mean ?

  • VogueHereICome : Envy. Can you be my master?

  • MilamberOP : It is the number of funds moving in and out, it doesn’t translate directly to the amount of profit or loss. So if you sell 10k worth of share and buy something else of same amount, you’d have turnaround 20k worth of funds.

  • MilamberOP VogueHereICome: Plenty of more experienced master around…. I just share what I learnt through experience.

  • VogueHereICome MilamberOP: But I want to learn from you first

  • chowyunfatt : If you don’t mind me asking. Were the shares you sold today swings or day trades?
    If they were day trades and you weren’t ready to hold onto the shares. Holding it to the FOMC was really risky. It could’ve easily gone the other way.

  • MilamberOP chowyunfatt: I have both long and day trades. FOMC decision was well known in advance, or at least very well priced in already (including future rate hikes), it is the uncertainty that kills the sentiment and trigger sell off and hurting retail investor in the process. Just my thoughts

  • GM 1 : What are the stocks you short so far?

  • MilamberOP GM 1: I do not really short and play long instead.

  • ThinkingCap : how do we get this p&L picture? only via trading?

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