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commented on a stock05/03/2022 03:28

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ I’m not entering YET: still have to decide what to do...

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ I’m not entering YET: still have to decide what to do with last week’s stocks (to sell them soon or to put them in the long-term portfolio, if the dip is over). I’m not investing more until the SPY turns back positive.
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  • MoneyLord : You sold all ur shares?

  • TeslaSmurfOP MoneyLord: NOOOOO !
    Never. I use a long term portfolio (a few hundred of TSLA stock) that I partially sell very rarely (maybe I will sell 1/3 just after the stock split, for example, ONLY to buy them back at a lower price) and a trading portfolio of a few dozen of TSLA stock. I have accumulated 25 last week at an average price of 868. I will keep them as loving as I see it convenient, then sell them. At the same time I will try to enter again with 3, 9, 6, 3, 6 at 5 $ distance one from the other, to sell them in inverse order from the most convenient point, again at 5 $ one from the other. That’s my uptrend strategy (only with SPY positive).
    Downwards I start buying (not with SPY really negative) from -1,8% (then -3,6 -7,2  -14,4 -28,8 and -56,6)) in the 5 min/1D chart moving average from the point in which the last 5 min candle cut down the 50 days moving average line.
    Then I have other parameters to double or triple-check as the Heikin Ashi Buy and sell signals on the 15 min, the RSI and, of course, all the “noise”.

  • TeslaSmurfOP : It requires time to follow the news, the charts, ALL the fundamentals and some cold blood 🩸 not to get a heart attack during rough times like these, but it pays out quite well. Plus I’ sure TSLA will nearly double from now within 9/12 years. Of course it will be a bumpy ride, but the “bumps” are opportunities.