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Trading Setup Contest
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joined discussion04/27/2022 21:01

Perfect setup when market is red, can cry myself to sleep 🤣🤣

Moomoo so easy to use and trade, every night just need to trade while in bed. boring day with nothing to buy or sell, just close eye sleep. market red like nobody business need, cry to sleep. exciting day with so many opportunities, buy sell buy sell, then go to sleep.
remember that sleep is important, so don't forget to sleep ah LaughLaughLaugh
Perfect setup when market is red, can cry myself to sleep 🤣🤣
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  • LuckyPiggie : i havent been sleeping well for past 2 mths .. everyday see red . DrowsyDrowsyDrowsy

  • Bubbleberrygum : can make into a song!

  • Bubbleberrygum : haha, bro, and all the shares you bought are those controversial kind sia....almost memeish.... are they shorted alot?

  • doctorpot1OP LuckyPiggie: yea see red until sian, but if the company you invest is good company then over the long run should go green de. now with this environment not easy so have to invest carefully.

  • doctorpot1OP Bubbleberrygum: song need 老Uncle liao. he singing very goodCheerleadCheerlead

  • doctorpot1OP Bubbleberrygum: Yea those that I buy are those that dropped like crazy but I find the opportunities is there leh. because the price hit my entry price ma, so have to go in lor hahahaha Laugh
    like for Chinese stock I feel in the long run is a good deal, cause once the China covid and the delisting nonsense is resolved, it will fly liao. last month CCP just put one statement saying they will help the companies to remain listed in US, the shares fly up to 100% sia. imagine if it is set in stone, to the moon le hahahahaha LaughLaugh

  • NANA123 : I want to sleep everydayWhimper

  • Milk The Cow : Hahaha Lol, simple.
    Just like me, a mobile 📱  & a bed Trick.

  • doctorpot1OP NANA123: wait for the investment to grow big enough for us to retire off dividends lor. early retirement let's goooooo CheerleadCheerlead

  • NANA123 doctorpot1OP: GooooooCheerleadCheerleadCheerlead

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