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Maker of TraceTogether Token: iWOW jumped 14% on debut day
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joined discussion04/15/2022 16:38

i love SG IPO and bought many, but for this I'm sitting out

There is an old folklore in Singapore that you can easily make money by buying IPO via ATM machine. So to test that saying I started crunching the numbers. After crunching the numbers on SG IPO over 2018 to 2020 (comparing IPO price and first day closing price), there are 26 winners and 10 losers. if we just buy all IPO (do note that we might not get it if it is oversubscribed) and then sell it at closing, the average returns was 2.56%. 2.56% in a day WOW!!
i love SG IPO and bought many, but for this I'm sitting out
However, the problem with this strategy is that winners are usually those that are oversubscribed and the losers undersubscribed. So that means that you might not get your hands on the winners but you will definitely get your hands on the losers. Plus, I'm a long term investor not a trader so the way forward for me is to evaluate each IPO company and make a decision on each one. Since there are more winners than losers, that means it is easier to find a diamond in the rough here.
I had applied to $Econ Healthcare(EHG.SG)$$OTS Holdings(OTS.SG)$$Astrea VI3%B310318#(6AZB.SG)$$Lion-OSPL China L S(YYY.SG)$$UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$$Daiwa Hse Log Tr(DHLU.SG)$$DigiCore Reit USD(DCRU.SG)$$NikkoAM-StraitsTrading MSCI China Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF(EVS.SG)$.
However, for $iWOW Tech(NXR.SG)$, I decided to take a backseat and not apply for it instead. why? because of the following concerns I have
1. the rapid net profit increase was due to a one off trace together effort. It is known that this trace together and safe entry will be phased out already. So can the company still make extraordinary profits?
2. the PE after taking the trace together contribution is way too high, at more than 200.
3. So once trace together is phased out, will they have enough mega project to keep the profits that high?
The risk rewards ratio is not very attractive to me so I will be watching how this company financial will be like in the next few years.
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  • Bubbleberrygum : usually after one successful project by an up and coming tech co, they tend to still enjoy good market impressions subsequently, I feel. Esp in this era where tech is rising, more eyes will be on them I feel and more opportunities may knock on their door, be it from govt projects etc. thus, I do feel they may have potential but I haven't read up on them yet too or checked out this IPO enough - heard about it on the day it was released. so due to the lack of knowledge, not going for the IPO yet. anyways, too late alrdy. but also, I noticed that prices tend to rise then drop after the IPO, based on some past two to three IPOs. so I am thinking this will drop below IPO price soon too xD which I think it alrdy has :) just whether it's a good long-term investment - that's the one I need to ensure first too

  • doctorpot1OP Bubbleberrygum: yea, my biggest worry for this ticker is that once trace together is phased out and their business goes back to normal then the PE is >200. Too crazy already. hahahha LaughLaugh watching but not buying

  • Bubbleberrygum doctorpot1OP: Haha I need to read up more on them first, to see what other opportunities or skill sets they have besides the tracetogether project. If they can expand their product line or services from there, maybe will have good potential. Maybe like an sg crowstrike? Hahah

  • High Profit Low Loss : I usually do not like to subscribe to IPO. I like businesses that are in the market for more than 5 years and above.
    This allows me to look into records.
    Moreover as you said trace-together is a one off thing.
    Subsequently their business has to be sustained by other means.
    So absolutely agreed with you on this crucial point.

  • doctorpot1OP High Profit Low Loss: I like to look at IPO companies because they usually debut below fair value. This is because they want to sell all of their shares offered so usually that mean giving discount on the price. If they set too high the IPO will flop and they won't get enough cash to fund their needs, plus the underwriters won't get the full fees. so usually the underwriters will price it at a discount to ensure the IPO will be oversubscribed and they earn the sweet sweet profit.

  • High Profit Low Loss : IPO companies are out to raise funds. Those underwriters have upper hands over us retailer investors.
    There is nothing wrong with subscribing to IPO, but I feel it’s speculative. In my own opinion.  As the saying goes “beauty is in The Eye of the beholder.”

  • 102328735Silvie High Profit Low Loss: good

  • doctorpot1OP High Profit Low Loss: yea recent SG IPO are quite speculative. They launched 3 SPACs which are already speculative in nature. The $LS 2 Holdings(ENV.SG)$ also was a weird one, seems like insiders are doing a pump and dump or something like that pump to 450% then now came back down. and now iWOW with a >200PE if trace together is excluded.
    sometimes there are good one though, like Temasek bond $Astrea VI3%B310318#(6AZB.SG)$ and well known REITs like $DigiCore Reit USD(DCRU.SG)$ and $Daiwa Hse Log Tr(DHLU.SG)$. by huge well known companies and some have primary listing elsewhere.

  • High Profit Low Loss : Agreed with you, bonds and reits are defensive in nature so I don’t mind this kind of IPO.

  • 102182682 : But no easy to strike ipo let’s say your capital is little

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