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        $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Where are the pumpers? All gone silent. Go...

        $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Where are the pumpers? All gone silent. Go do your DD on what is marketcap and valuation, macroeconomics, overall market sentiments and Feds plans. It will help you in your trading / investment in the long run. Others such as short interest, market manipulation and trying to fix the corruption are just noise. Does the noise make you money?
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        • demntia : calm down poontang. the entire market is down

        • PochongOP demntia: That is what I mean. Focus on the broader markets and indexes.

        • Sabertrader39 : hey pootang why do you care what I do with my money? Get a fucking life dude.

        • Mindfield demntia: Bahahaha..... poontang 😂😂😂, damn near spit my coffee

        • PochongOP Mindfield: Hahaha. Hope you are green and positive on the correct side.

        • Mr Trecherous demntia: Just another Red Tuesday Cool GuyOnlooker

        • PochongOP Sabertrader39: Lol triggered~

        • Sabertrader39 : Not triggered at all. I find it comical that you're only here when we're negative and nowhere to be found on green days. You're a shill that for some reason keeps begging us to sell....why is that? Why do you care what I do with my money?

        • BAG FINDER GENERAL : Calm down moron. Don't act like you know anything about the stock market or how to trade stocks. You haven't got a clue so don't go around giving anyone advice

        • AlphaWolf01 : I am still here, nothing much to see, they are losing millions a day. I am here to combat manipulation and mind games, it is so easy. You should do your DD on naked shorting and also if you want to see how blatant this is, Ortex, FInra and other non-biased credible sources of information exists. Go search up the playlist "The problem with the stock market" on youtube by John Stewart.

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