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wrote a post02/24 13:21

Option Lesson For Beginners !! & Buy Sell Signals !!

-Learning a solid trading technique is KEY !!! Spotting patters, charting/drawing them out shows Support and resistance or think of it as supply and demand ....
-Learn what differnt indicator mean and how they work find the ones that fit your trading style for smaller accounts I'd use a simple 13/48 EMA crossover which is in the above example.
-This stradegy works best on a 5 min scale using other time frames to verify trend and the longer the time frame the stronger the play on the cross of the EMAs
-Also learn sub charts like MACD, RSI, STOCHASTIC, VOLUME ect. and use those to verify momentum.
-Pick a weekly or out a week option one or two strikes above the current price and hold til EMA shows a sell !!
ONE MORE THING ............
-DONT SPEND MORE THAN YOU CAN LOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Option Lesson For Beginners !! & Buy Sell Signals !!
Option Lesson For Beginners !! & Buy Sell Signals !!
Option Lesson For Beginners !! & Buy Sell Signals !!
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  • gghkOP : Now these are just the basic signals theres a thousand more and you can adjust the EMA closer togther when you get more comfortable to maximize potential gains up or down

  • gghkOP : There’s a lot to explain so if I missed something I’ll add it here but the signal would be a call option when the 13EMA Crosses over the 48EMA upward and a put When the 13EMA crosses over the 48EMA downward!!

  • gghkOP : 8/21 Ema would be my next step take or leave this advice by all means it’s here it you need it !!