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Share your 2022 financial plan on moomoo!
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joined discussion02/16/2022 22:04

My Financial Plan in 2022

I regretted selling my global technology fund at the bottom of the market during the pandemic in 2020. I have since been building my own tech stock portfolio. I’m glad to report that I’ve so far managed to outperform the tech fund I had sold. Unlike 2020 and to a lower degree 2021 when almost all growth stocks I bought had performed rather well, this year I’ll need to perform more due diligence and be more selective in my stock picking in order to continue to do well. One approach is my on-going rotation from growth to value stocks, as the impending interest rate hikes to tame rising inflation are bound to hit the growth stocks more heavily. For example, I‘ve been buying into DBS, UOB, OCBC, Citigroup, GS, MS and JPM, as I find their balance sheets strong and believe they should stand to benefit from a steepening yield curve. I plan to rebalance my portfolio this year by selling into strength some of my holdings on tech stocks and adding value counters especially those in the banking sector by buying on their weakness. Commodity companies such as the energy giants are also in my watchlist, as rising inflation and geopolitical tensions may lead to higher commodity prices. Another approach I’m planning is to allocate some funds to S&P500 index fund for low-cost, passive investment. Lastly, I’ve been watching the cryptocurrency space for some time, and I hope to learn more about the various cryptocurrencies this year. I hope you have an investment plan too for this year and wish you all the best in your investment journey.
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