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        [Everyday Power] Learn something new in a minute!
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        Everyday Power- What is blockchain?

        Everyday Power- What is blockchain?

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        Sequoia Capital is playing catchup with arch-rival Andreessen Horowitz in the race to invest in what could be the future of the internet — so-called Web 3.0. The Silicon Valley venture capital firm led a $450 million investment in Polygon, a blockchain network.
        Web 3.0 is a hazy concept in tech that refers to efforts to build a more decentralized version of the internet based on blockchain technology. It's generated quite a bit of chatter in Silicon Valley.
        Hype around Web 3.0 has attracted some of the biggest names in venture capital, including Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global and Sequoia.

        [Everyday Power]

        What is blockchain?
        Everyday Power- What is blockchain?
        1. The simplest way of explanation, blockchain is a specific type of database.
        2. Comparing to traditional database, Blockchain orient its data in a decentralized way without individual to manage
        3. It simply structures all data into blocks that are all chained together in chronological order.
        4. When a block is filled, it would become immutable and formed as a part of its timeline.
        5. The goal of blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed, but not edited.

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        Everyday Power- What is blockchain?
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