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        Hongbao Giveaways: Greet your best friends with auspicious wishes!
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        Happy Chinese New Year

        Wow, $Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$ $Alphabet-C(GOOG.US)$ announced a 1 to 20 stock split on the first day of CNY. This should cause the stock price to go up until the split. Big huat to Google holders!
        Happy Chinese New Year
        Happy Chinese New Year
        After seeing the beautiful drawing done by @aoimizu , I was inspired to do a portrait of Lucky moomoo since I had time on my hands. Please excuse any imperfections as I’m not a professional artist.
        moomoo is dressed as the God of Fortune. He holds red packets (symbol of good luck and money) in his right hand and a gold scepter (symbol of following the heart’s desires) in his left hand. Two gold ingots lay at his feet, indicating that wealth follows him wherever he goes. He wears a gold badge embossed with the Chinese character “涨” which means soar/rise (our hopes for the value of our stock holdings and investments). I have named the drawing “A House Full of Wealth”. Through moomoo, may we all become prosperous!
        The name of this picture is "full of wealth", which means that through the road of prosperity, everyone's wealth can always rise, and there will be a bumper harvest year.PacketPacketNo DollarsNo DollarsPeacePeaceI would like to thank @moomoo Lily@Popular on moomoo@moomoo Rewards@Mooers Lab@Moomoo Courses@moomoo Event@moomoo Singapore@Team moomoo@Moomoopedia SG for their hard work in helping the moo community.
        Happy Chinese New Year
        @phady05@hanabi3@虎猪密友@aoimizu@小虎发大财@93339888@AllyO@虎狮驾到@cslee1288@Lin Lau Peh@GM 1@ch0717@snoopy123@101669155
        One yuan starts again, Vientiane is renewed
        When the flowers are rich, the clock strikes as you wish.
        Have more than one year after year and have no worries every year.
        Happy New year and good luck!
        When a new year begins, it’s a time of renewal
        Blooming flowers bring fortune, the sound of the gong heralds everything will go according to wish
        Years of abundance, years free of worries
        Happy Chinese New Year and Good Luck!
        Happy Chinese New Year
        Happy Chinese New Year
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