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        [Everyday Power] Learn something new in a minute!
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        Everyday Power- What is Earnings Per Share?

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        Investors have focused on earnings reportthis week as $Goldman Sachs(GS.US)$ and $ASML Holding(ASML.US)$ released their earings Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. And Netflix will announce its earnings today.
        The earnings per share is always highlighted in either earnings or financial news. What is earnings per share and why is it always be mentioned?

        [Everyday Power]
        1. EPS reflects how much a company earns or costs its ordinary shareholders on a per share baiss and is often used as an important reference for investor eavluate a company's performance and measure the profitability of its common stock.
        2. Investors can pick out industry leaders by comparing the EPS of companies in the same industry. In most cases, the EPS of leading companies are higher than others.

        3. EPS alone cannot reveal corporate risks, measure relative valuations, etc.
        4. How to find its EPS? Take $Goldman Sachs(GS.US)$ as an example:
        Everyday Power- What is Earnings Per Share?
        More investing basics will be offered in <Everyday Power>. Keep learning to be a master investor. Keep Fighting
        Welcome to Courses in the Moo Community, we hope you learn about it and leave your lovely comments. Smile
        Everyday Power- What is Earnings Per Share?
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