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        My Christmas Wishlist for 2022
        Views 173K Contents 1257

        "My 2022 Christmas Wishlist" Winner Announcement: You Are the Most Precious Gift to moomoo

        "My 2022 Christmas Wishlist" Winner Announcement: You Are the Most Precious Gift to moomoo
        Greetings mooers! RoseRoseRose

        Not long ago, the moomoo-styled celebration for Christmas and the upcoming year just came to an end. We want to give mooers a chance to speak out and tell us their wishes for moomoo. During the event, we've received over 1,200 open letters full of love and hope from our dear mooers. Here is the hyperlink for you to refresh your memories, just in case you miss anything – #My Christmas Wishlist for 2022.

        After reading the heartfelt letters to Santa Moo, we are deeply touched by your love for life, your passion for the future, and your sincere wishes for moomoo. The innovative ideas of you are impressive and fascinated. The fragments of your investing journey and your dedication to option trading amazed us. We've also seen some of you have heated discussions of Cryptos with your fellow mooers. Rewards Club, investment-related activities, and tutorials are the beloved modules in moomoo... Maybe we are not able to list all your suggestions one by one here. Still, we appreciate your inspiring advice and strong faith in making moomoo a better investing platform. You are more than amazing!

        As promised, we are going to award the outstanding mooers and reward them with free stocks or exclusive merchandise. Are you wondering who the winners are? Please don't be stingy with your applause, and let's share this joyful moment!!

        No DollarsThe First Prizes - Free Stock (Valued from $5 to $50)

        According to the rule, authors of the 20 most-liked posts (published before Dec 31 at 23:59 ET) will be rewarded with 1 free stock valued from $5 - $50! Here come the star mooers! Congratulations! Wow

        Gift No.1 - @Dadacai (id: 101774928)
        Gift No.2 - @HopeAlways (id: 103105565)
        Gift No.3 - @Mcsnacks H Tupack (id: 70127132)
        Gift No.4 - @Nikkii (id: 101850843)
        Gift No.5 - @Syuee (id: 102423922)
        Gift No.6 - @Mars Mooo (id: 103066836)
        Gift No.7 - @Jrome Ingram (id: 71681092)
        Gift No.8 - @PandaMoo (id: 101794861)
        Gift No.9 - @Jamesim (id: 102602705)
        Gift No.9 - @Big_Boss (id: 101795460)
        Gift No.9 - @Mr Trecherous (id: 70696468)
        Gift No.9 - @Cow Moo-ney (id: 102780363)
        Gift No.13 - @doctorpot1 (id: 101592816)
        Gift No.14 - @sparttann (id: 103116412)
        Gift No.15 - @HuatLady (id: 101859372)
        Gift No.15 - @Trading Tradesman (id: 70671338)
        Gift No.17 - @MiniAce (id: 101507422)
        Gift No.18 - @Happy MooMoo (id: 102947643)
        Gift No.19 - @MarcAug007 (id: 71791189)
        Gift No.20 - @Mama Cass (id: 71424377)
        Gift No.20 - @MC1112 (id: 101576449)
        (The ranking above is based on the data as of Jan 11 ET)

        No DollarsThe Second Prizes - moomoo Exclusive Merchandise

        We've also prepared exclusive moomoo merchandise for the 10 constructive idea writers. Each of them will be rewarded with one exclusive moomoo merchandise! Congratulations!
        (Our staff will contact you to collect the necessary information for the gift delivery. Please pay attention to the inbox messages these two days.)

        Party @Dadacai (id: 101774928)
        Party @FaithHopeCharity (id: 102353042)
        Party @FBI888 (id: 102850556)
        Party @Ganar Poco (id: 102164953)
        Party @GT1982 (id: 103114818)
        Party @MONDAY86 (id: 102627927)
        Party @RuiTA (id: 102375070)
        Party @Trading Tradesman (id: 70671338)
        Party @102289743 zhi (id: 102289743)
        Party @102614667 (id: 102614667)
        (The ranking above shows in the alphabet order of the first letter only)

        If you are not on the lists, please don't get frustrated. In 2022, there will be more exciting events to come, so stay tuned! You could be the next winner standing in the spotlight! To acknowledge your contributions to the Moo community, we have prepared 100 points for each participant (excluding the winners above) of this event!!

        Last but not least, @Team moomoo will release official responses to the carefully-selected user wishes in the next few days. Follow @Team moomoo , and stay tuned! We do value your voice! Blowing Kisses


        Note: The free stocks and rewarding points will be distributed to your account in around 7 working days. Please make sure your account is open to receive the free stocks.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more