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        How did you deal with losses in the stock market?
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        Losses in the stock

        During my earlier years when startes experimenting with stocks, I did set a loss and profit cut off at around 10% of the base. But as i aged with experience and focusing on buying good companies (blue chips, S&P), i review the losses as paper loss/interim losses.
        Companies with good financial grounds and established markets, we all know that in long term, it will gain and profit. This is like placing our money in banks, we will generate gains for us (dividends). Based on past records, it pays better than bank interest. This is mainly applicable for long term investment, thus it may differ for short term or day traders.
        For short term gains/losses, my baseline is around 10%. I would only consider 20-30% for such investment, where remaining 70/80% for long term investment. But that depends on one's risk appetite and the capital available. Losses should be set at levels where one can stomach/take.
        Moomoo have courses available for various methods/strategies.
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