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        $CROSSTEC (03893.HK)$ it is amazing to drop from $2 to 20 ce...

        it is amazing to drop from $2 to 20 cents
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        • The Ghost : this fall is worse than windmill. But unlike windmill, I don't see many complaints. I hope that some if our warnings help people to get out before the fall.
          any idea what is happening over at tiger?

        • Guich The Ghost: I know of a victim who suffered loss under the hand of an impersonator called Beckie. if you can assist in anyway, advise how I can reach out to the genuine Beckie, who appeared in her YouTube almost daily but no contact is available for me to reach out to her. The supposedly fake Beckie refused to pick up calls.

        • The Ghost Guich: i suffer losses under Ernest buying Windmill. that is why I kept warning about Crosstec. There is no hope of recovery. Get stronger and take some risks. For example, I doubled down when Windmill went down to 0.22c and sold everything when it bounced back to 0.33c. Managed to cut most of my losses.

        • Guich The Ghost: Need to study the company very thoroughly. it can go chapter 11 and get delisted also....

        • Guich The Ghost: my question is if you have the contact of genuine Beckie, or how to find that out so that I can confirm the impersonator is fake Beckie. And to prevent further harm caused by scammers.

        • The Ghost Guich: I know the Gurus, but the Gurus don't know me.
          In short. I don't have their contacts. I also don't think they will care

        • Guich The Ghost: Thanks for sharing. Once bitten two shy. By All Allies Avoid HK Penny Stocks Which Are Manipulated The Scitters Are Everywhere. I like the Impossible Given to Them, from One of the Fright.
          People are doing it; the sky is watching. Life is deceiving, no life is a flower. Karma at work. They will be tired.

        • 1146286738 Guich: You have to be logged in on the desktop version to find the contact at the 'About' tab on a YouTube channel. Here is a snapshot of it.