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wrote a post01/12 18:16

Apple Supplier Foxconn Taps Autoware's AI Expertise In New Alliance

$Apple(AAPL.US)$ supplier Foxconn-backed open-source electric vehicle platform Mobility In Harmony (MIH) has formed an alliance with the AI experts at Autoware Foundation.

What Happened: MIH said its alliance with Autoware is aimed at speeding up the development of an integrated solution for electric autonomous vehicles.

The consortium is expected to lower entry barriers, shorten development cycles and accelerate innovation in the mobility industry, and double up as “all-in-one” open-source software for autonomous vehicles, MIH said.

The open-source nature of the alliance is expected to boost the pace of development.

Why It Matters: $HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY SPON GDS EACH REP 2 SHS TWD10 REG'S'(HNHPF.US)$ , popularly known as Foxconn, had in 2020 at its annual day revealed the electric vehicle strategy and showcased an open-source electric vehicle architecture.

The open EV software platform is expected to enable automotive developers to help create applications with smartphone-like development experience on the cloud by reducing development dependency on hardware platforms.

The latest move takes a step forward by tapping Autoware’s AI experts. Autoware is an open-source platform in itself and supported by autonomous driving open source communities on GitHub.

The key Apple supplier had in October unveiled three electric vehicles with a Foxtron badge and said its open-source platform would allow multiple customers to work together to develop their own products.
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