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Co-Wise: How do you improve your trading mindset over time?
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joined discussion01/06/2022 23:31

To try my best to have an open mind and to learn continually through facts, research, people’s success and failures.

I'm a beginner investor with a few positions in Tesla and Apple. I try to continuously improve my trading mindset by always learning and having an open mind to people around me - the power of YouTube, Google and the moomoo community.
With the recent volatility, I have to remain disciplined and control my emotions. I trust that those two companies that I believe in will do good because, at its core, they're companies that want to do good for humanity and Earth (At least in my opinion).
From the charts, it's been an exponential growth with some ups and downs. With that in mind, I am well assured that these two companies that I believe in will do well, and my investments are in good hands as long as their fundamentals don't change. In the mean time, hold on to companies that I believe in, dollar cost average, save more money to buy more during dips/sales, and accumulate my wealth for long term.
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