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Co-Wise: How do you improve your trading mindset over time?
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Chris Cheung Invest
joined discussion01/06/2022 22:10

Keep a Trade Log and Journal!

Trading mentality is the most important thing to hone over time. When your mental state is not calm, you will make a lot of horrible mistakes (FOMO for example). If you do make mistakes, you have to take the emotion out of it and understand what went wrong.
Keep a Trade Log and Journal!

I like to use a trade log, tracking all of my trades: entry, exit, profit/loss, notes on why I took the trade. I also put down rules for each trade: portfolio size risked, total amount of money in each trade.

For my journal, I like to write about how I felt today and make a note for each time I did something that fits my values/goals/principles. I also draw pictures to visualize how I’m feeling/what is on my mind, good or bad. This makes me in a more calm state and helps me let go of any thoughts that could impair my judgment.
Keep a Trade Log and Journal!
Keep a Trade Log and Journal!

Highly suggest you try this!
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