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commented on a stock01/06/2022 19:23

Why Retail should not short

$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
Alright, lets look at things from a non amc and ape standpoint but educate some people. Firstly, shorting means you are borrowing someones share to earn money along the down way movement of a stock. What this means is you have to return it if it doesnt go bankrupt or go down. What is the bad thing? Time is against you, borrow fee is against you, capital gain tax works against you, lack of liquidity. Do realise, a short hedge fund can cover anytime and cause a spike in pricing without telling you, so dont let your greed and individualistic lack of connections cause your financial demise. The main purpose of shorting is for companies that are corrupted, have ZERO fundamentals and ZERO growth which AMC has proven to beat the mainstream cinemas and have been on a consistent growth quarter on quarter.

Cheers, not my financial advice. Just opinion and lesson to share
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