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wrote a post01/06/2022 18:33

$BlackBerry(BB.US)$  sometimes folks dismiss not only the too many to ...

$BlackBerry(BB.US)$  sometimes folks dismiss not only the too many to name partnerships around the world. I think they truly underestimate $Baidu(BIDU.US)$.

They are the single search engine effectively for CHINA, orchestrated by removing $Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$ $Alphabet-C(GOOG.US)$ from China. Whole country. Alot of consumers.

BIDU also have the youtube and the Google maps to the same level. Not much in the way of alternatives. Again, for good reason as the central planning requires it.

If I equate $Baidu(BIDU.US)$
to "state supported" monopoly, I could easily add the telecoms to the status of state owned, banking, steel, and so on. 

$Alibaba(BABA.US)$& 10¢ aren't but are on a tight leash. These two are the $Meta Platforms(FB.US)$
$Amazon(AMZN.US)$. Social media and e-commerce.

How does China keep its growth up and people happy? Consistent growth in domestic consumption. Remove export dependency.

By making  "monopolies" work together, China can have smart cities to support the urbanization. QNX via Baidu is the secure way China picked to keep consistentcy in their smart cities into the future
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