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Where will the new energy sector go? Bosera Fund: We are optimistic about it

Market Insightjoined discussion01/06/2022 17:08
Entering 2022, the A-share market trend is somewhat caught off guard.
After the market fell on January 4, there was a larger adjustment on January 5. Among them, the year before the very hot new energy plate also appeared for two consecutive days of sharp shock.Looking back, can the new energy market continue?In this regard, Bosera Fund expressed the latest view.
The new energy power generation side will maintain rapid growth in the next few years
Q: Recently, the market has experienced a big warming after the correction, new energy, semiconductor related board staged a "roller coaster" market. How do you see these sectors performing in the future?
Bosera Fund :semiconductor plate, although the supply structure of some low-end products has tended to ease, the structure still has high prosperity and short supply, after the early plate provision decline, the investment cost performance is prominent.Therefore, under the background of double energy consumption control and carbon neutral in the early stage, domestic and foreign policies continue to support the new energy sector, making the prosperity of the new energy industry chain continue to rise, and the trend of related stocks is good.
Q: How will the future trend of new energy plate be? What's the reason?
Bosera Fund: The global sales of new energy vehicles are expected to exceed 5 million and domestic 3 million. The industry is expected to maintain a high growth rate in 2022. The prosperity of the whole industrial chain will continue, and the battery link is still the best link in the medium-and long-term pattern.On the new energy power generation side, under the guidance of carbon peak and carbon neutral target, both China and the United States will need to accelerate the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic, and the industry will continue to maintain rapid growth in the next few years.
The market will remain structural
Q: Now at present, how to look at the subsequent trend of A shares?
Bosera Fund: The significance of too short-term market trend forecast is not big, the accuracy is not high, so we generally do not predict the short-term trend.In the medium term, the downward trend of the economy has been clear, liquidity will remain relatively loose, and we believe that the market will maintain the trend of the structural market.
Q: What areas have a high certainty of investment opportunities?What risks should we need to be guarded against?
Bosera Fund: In the semiconductor localization, new energy vehicles, wind power and photovoltaic and other fields, the industry will still maintain a good growth rate, and the probability will continue to have investment opportunities in these fields.
Risk, to alert too chasing short-term hot spots, such as new energy each link demand is very good, but supply short-term expansion, short-term prices rose more, but many of the link from the long term is no barriers, industry competitors become more, capacity expansion faster, this time even if the company's profit is very good, but may not rise even fell sharply, investors if not special professional may be difficult to realize this situation, so be alert blindly up, only focus on short-term prosperity.
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