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wrote a post01/06/2022 15:30

Google arrives at CES 2022 with the idea of enhancing the interconnection between Android devices

$Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$ The future of Android goes through the interconnection between computers and Google has arrived at CES 2022 with some news that are worth stopping at.

CES is the perfect environment to announce news and Google would not be less with Android. The most used mobile operating system wants to continue expanding in a context in which digitization grows in our lives and seek to make their ecosystem more complete and accessible.

When acquiring a device it is usually about pair with the mobile so that its use from this is simple. With this objective, Fast Pair was born, the tool that connects them with the mobile via Bluetooth and which is going to be promoted in the coming months.

Now Android will allow you to connect with equipment that will go beyond audio, laptops or the car. He also wants them to pair up more smart home devices and televisions to enjoy them to the fullest and without problems.

Turning your Galaxy S21 or OnePlus 9 into a high-quality webcam is very easy by following these steps and through free applications.

This approach will also reach Chromebooks whose connection to the Android mobile will be immediate and will open a range of possibilities that go beyond basic functions such as screen sharing or WiFi data.

Soon too computers can be locked and unlocked from multiple devices, such as a Chromebook or a tablet from a smartwatch with Wear OS.

The objective is that the interconnection between devices is as smart and agile as possible. Instantly switch the sound from one to another via Bluetooth according to the needs, distribute the audio through the most interesting speakers in the house, connect with equipment from more brands …

Regarding the latter, it is also announced that in the coming months Chromecast will integrate with Bose speakers and soundbars.

You can enjoy video games on Chromecast both alone and with friends, and it is one of the best experiences to start a great party at home.

Finally, it also works towards facilitate the connection of Android mobiles with Windows in several areas: “with Fast Pair it will be possible to quickly configure Bluetooth accessories, synchronize text messages and share files with Nearby Share”, they report on Google.

In order to achieve it now collaborate with Acer, HP and Intel, although no date is given. At the moment it has been reported that the results will begin to be seen “within a few months.”
Google arrives at CES 2022 with the idea of enhancing the interconnection between Android devices
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