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wrote a post01/06/2022 11:01

$Grab Holdings(GRAB.US)$ 's success depends on its firm footing in its...

$Grab Holdings(GRAB.US)$ 's success depends on its firm footing in its essential services. Its three primary services are ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments, where its estimated market share in Southeast Asia is 72%, 50%, and 23%, respectively, and they are categories leaders in each. Southeast Asia includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam.
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  • TRIUMPHANT RETURNS : where did u get the data on their market share ? On food delivery side, there is food panda, deliveroo,gojek,shopee(new challenger),robinhood thailand, airasia (yes a airliner with real transport assets) Malaysia gov love AIRASIA...on payment side there is DBS paylah , OUB paynow. Thailand Prompt, indonesian Gojek...beside so many payment processors in the world from Mastercard to Visa..what edge can 1 payment processor do? grow money out of thin air?

  • Grabthecrab TRIUMPHANT RETURNS: Wow. All these anti Grab posting and hatred u have against grab, make me wonder how much u lost in $Grab Holdings(GRAB.US)$ Grin LoL 😂

  • TRIUMPHANT RETURNS Grabthecrab: Didnt buy any...never like it beco i m long on CDG