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commented on a stock01/06/2022 05:45

having such a good day then[Facepalm] if you were wondering what happe...

$ChemoCentryx(CCXI.US)$ having such a good day thenFacepalm if you were wondering what happened. The index took a downturn

This is a bad news good news kind if move. the bad news is obvious it sold off. The good news is why it sold off, this was wall street firms running their calculations (free from outside motivation because money talks and walks) and deciding covid has run its course, they see the end in a matter of months which is why all those with new therapeutics sold off, vaccine makers sold off causing the massive index decline... This selloff will continue to drag the sector down as long as it continues, when the selloff is done those companies with good pipelines and or products (like CCXI) will reverse stronger and become targets of these major companies being sold off. Rotations suck, stay strong and know these dips are temporary.
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