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Daniel Zn
commented on a stock01/06/2022 03:01

$Alibaba(BABA.US)$ I sold my car, took $70k policy loan, went 75% marg...

$Alibaba(BABA.US)$ I sold my car, took $70k policy loan, went 75% margin to go all in Alibaba and TME. Started buying at $220s. Averaged down to $155 … $108 and I’ll get a margin call. Let’s go! Be greedy when others are fearful.
All aside, don’t pump a stock. I hate pumpers on YouTube who pumped this at $230+. You guys know those I’m talking about.
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  • wallpapers : 阿里巴巴的确是个非常不错的公司。但是阿里巴巴的股票市场是需要很大勇气的。不去考虑结果怎么样,就说你这样的勇气,我必须给你点赞👍

  • ACIC是骗子 : 你这个算得上豪赌了

  • 丁蟹NA : This style of ivesting is not safe. You must be right every single time, if you slip once, just once, it is gonna end up like Bill Hwang.

  • Passive Investor : just showhand... u got property.
    just mortgage .. u sure see good returns... can upgrade to bigger house!!! sell parents house... promise them bungalow by 2023!!

  • 迎接虎年 : It is too risky bro,

  • Daniel ZnOP 丁蟹NA: Best quote by munger, I’m going all in. My friend went all in with 300k too, his life savings. We’re still young, can make a comeback if this fails. But if we don’t grab this opportunity now, we’ll regret it two years down the road when baba is at $200. It’s a risk I can take and I want to bet super big.

  • Path To Wisdom Daniel ZnOP: U drama LaughLaughLaugh, thought u out already in your previous post.

  • 股勇者 : hope u will buy back your car, or upgrade to a better car ie Tesla
    wish u huat big with BABA. stay safe bro

  • 勇敢NewNiu : 必须承认,你真牛B,服!