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Warning of froth? U.S. equity giants' valuation echoes dot-com exuberance

Molly wealth talkjoined discussion01/05/2022 17:41
According to Bloomberg, the price-to-earnings ratio of the $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$ 's 10 largest stocks is trading near a level that marked the implosion of the dot-com bubble two decades ago.
Source: Bloomberg
Source: Bloomberg

Elevated valuations combined with a potential rise in bond yields and risk of slowing growth make equities more vulnerable to corrections. And with the S&P 500 Index's top 10 biggest companies comprising nearly a third of the gauge's total weighting, any retreat in these market behemoths could fuel a dip in the entire market. (Most Read from Bloomberg )

S&P 500 top 10 consituent stocks:
$Meta Platforms(FB.US)$
$Berkshire Hathaway-B(BRK.B.US)$
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Molly wealth talk
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  • eslebe : Too hot

  • Jelmo7 : Without the incentive of negotiable bonds loosing out to cyrptcuriencies their is sure to flatten our expectations on foreign dependencies to stabilize securities.G69

  • 71688427 : why was the vote ended?

  • Peter YCS : 为什么没有中文

  • 71403390 : Well no shit. Majority of the populace is unaware of this. The ones who watch realized we were in a bubble last year others more intelligent people probably knew 2-3 years ago I am not one of those. Hahaha

  • AMC1000K : sounds like fud to me

  • DJONPOINT : What a terrible half truth article. The top 10 holdings at that time were ford, GM, WMT, Exxon, GE, C, Altria. Not exactly tech companies…

  • CoinFlip : Tesla already leading the way. The others are soon to follow. Get ready Boyz and girls. It's coming......

  • MONDAY86 Peter YCS: 可以翻译

  • Molly wealth talkOP Peter YCS: 标普500十大成分股的估值中位数回到了2000年3月(科网股泡沫)的高点附近,并似乎开始掉头向下(彭博社报道) ​​​

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