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Dafydd Green
commented on a stock01/04/2022 02:06

Lots of speculations today about why stocks like $Moderna(MRNA.US)$ ar...

Lots of speculations today about why stocks like $Moderna(MRNA.US)$ aren’t doing so well (see BK2428 below) - worth bearing in mind that drug manufacturers as a whole are down. Still long on Moderna, but they coud do with more and better clinical news - they still feel young as a company and don’t push out good news/PR. Talk about your trials, hype up the CMV vaccine coming up next and its unmet need (e.g. in transplant patients - an already large and affected group). In the medium term their infectious disease pipeline is great, longer term cancer vaccines will be mind blowing. That said major risk is companies like $Sanofi(SNY.US)$ and $OTSUKA HLDGS CO LTD UNSP ADR EACH REP 0.5 ORD SHS(OTSKY.US)$ entering the mRNA game, they have other modalities but Moderna restricted to one technology - get these trial ones out and start acquiring interesting drugs
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