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Set Your Goal, Let it Roll!
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joined discussion01/02/2022 12:58

My Investment Resolutions 2022

My Investment Resolutions 2022
1) Continue to do DCA into solid stocks that pay good dividends.
2) Control my emotions when trading and don’t give in to FOMO or panic.
3) Gradually increase my position in high growth sectors.
4) Explore other trading strategies like options trading.

Disclaimer: The above sharing is my personal opinion. It is not financial advice or a recommendation to invest. Please consult a financial advisor and consider your investment objectives, financial needs, financial position and risk profile before making any investment decision.
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  • ProfitTogether : My good friend, kindly share if you can when you have completed your DCA on some of the good fundamental shares. Like many others, I will be one who is more than happy to discuss other aspects of investing of those shares to cover as many angles as we can for us to form up our own decisions. Let us have a common goal of having a profitable portfolio in 2022. Cheers!