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commented on a stock01/02/2022 10:50

Not from me. But sharing to people who like to compare NIO with other EV. Easy Math, hope you can understand.


NIO Dec 2021 delivery = 10,489…

To me, when our max capacity is 10,000 a month, and we did 10,489, that’s pretty dam good. 100% YOY growth. Comparing us to XPeng and Li is like comparing McDonald’s to Ruth Christ steakhouse.

Ou CEO said he expects 100% YOY growth to continue into 2022. When we start deliveries of ET5 and ET7 it’s antire new game.

We have hit every goal set for the year.

Even IF you want to continue to compare us to the others, OK:

Nio- 91,429 cars deliver for the year. Average price - $70,000 ( US DOLLARS)

XPeng - 98,155 delivered - average price - $39,000 (US DOLLARS )

Li Auto ( hybrid) - 90,491 deliveries average price $35,000 (US DOLLARS)

Even further

- Rivian- 0 deliveries- 90 Bil market cap

Lucid - < 100 60 Bil market cap

Fisker - 0 deliveries 5 Bill market cap

You can do the math.. but, don’t forget our Nio house profits, Nio lifestyle profits, BAAS profits. Among others.

We’ve hit evey goal set… we are fine. The others are NOT working on expansion daily, Nio is. They will NOT maintain their growth. Nio will. Their is a reason why the professional analysts have the highest Prive Targets set for Nio.
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