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My Christmas Wishlist for 2022
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joined discussion12/31/2021 10:45

Hope we can have a "peace day" in the comment section on 31 December

The comment section had been like a war zone between bulls and bears #truestory.
Hope we can have a "peace day" in the comment section on 31 December
As the market have been swinging up and down violently over the past few weeks, so have the temper of users. Comments had became heated and provocation often. As we march into the new year maybe we can have a "peace day" on 31 December? Do we really want to go into a new year filled with anger and hate? Wouldn't it be nicer if the new year is filled with love and compassion?

Let's try not to poke the bulls and the bears with our comments. Let's try to not fight back in the comments when someone have an opposing view. Let's try not to post more than 1 comment if we know that would cause a heated argument. Let's try and show more love instead of hate. Let's try to make 31 December a day filled with peace and love in the comment section

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  • Zerocool888 : APES would never retaliate if HFs never send in their shills, Fuddies and the very famous Dr Mobile to spread fake news and spread fear. It has always been a peaceful section until some brainless twit decided to throw knives directly at us.
    Remember this, we help an ailing cinema chain which happens to be the biggest cinema chain in the world that nearly went bankrupt. Someone wasn’t happy we help them when they try to flatten them at the beginning of the year.
    No one is so free, dumb and stupid to create war in comment section. HFs is still very desperate to get rid of us but they do not know how to do it. They tried to scare us by bringing the price down but we are dumb APES keep buying in when it’s low. We dumb APES HODL when the price goes up as hodling FREE!
    Nothing wrong we us holding right? If you go through the whole of 2021, you can actually count the number of shills spreading FUD.
    Ask yourself, why are they so concern with our money we invest in? Why are they so worried about AMC tanking and go zero? There is no reason for them to spread fear, uncertainly and doubt to us all right? What’s the reason for that? I am sure you already know the answer.
    If AMC is dead, why are HFs keep borrowing shares? Why? They have been trying to suppress the price down but by the looks of it, it’s heading north rather than south. They can keep shorting all they want as we don’t really care as we know there is absolutely no way out for them.

  • 101794137 Zerocool888: lol tio poison too deep.

  • Venus-XX : Good