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AL 7319
commented on a stock12/30/2021 23:50

Noob message to fellow noob

$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ I don understand all these buy here sell there... I only know if I keep want to sell and hope buy lower, then I am same as last time go mbs or rws... always go in taxi or grab, but end up sleep outside because su gao tng kor... bopian wait till first bus balek... So now if drop, I call it test my strength... coz my arm muscle become dua leng kong... because I hodl sat sat bo cheo liao...! Most times when ppl hodl, is not easy, so won't talk anything here one... will just quiet quiet suffer... or I prefer use word endure... but I wan reminder all if endurance long enough will become butterfly one day one... to the moon liao soon... to fellow bros... blessed 2022! see u on moon soon! Control to All stations, please maintain radio silence, over...Till we reach destination Moon, that's a Roger... out...
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