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commented on a stock12/30/2021 21:22

MYOV Imminent Buyout and Reasons to add to your portfolio

Great fundamentals
a) Great Product - 2 approved life saving/changing blockbusters and another pending. Featured in New England of Medicine which is a big deal. Not going into technical but many doctors and client attested to the benefits and the increasing scripts speaks of itself
b) strong financials - huge cash runway of $6b+ cash for a $1.4b market capital company with incoming streams of income from tiered payments and commercialising sales of 2 great products. Great leaps in price to sales ratio (value) and also enterprise value to EBITA (growth) Q to Q. Sales going strong and positive affirmation on drugs.
c) Experienced Pfizer commercialising the above drugs.. acknowledging the value with 4.2b tiered payment.. Pfizer taking this on also speaks volume andthe confidence in the 4.2b price for 50%. And also not including additional commercialisation of the above drugs sales out of US. Distributions going strong.

Imminent Buyout Target for Sumi who is facing a patent cliff and can fully own last of the “vant” company or secondary contender PFizer who is flooded with cash and looking to buy. Lots of M&A happening in this space. With BBB bill out of the way now, there is definitely

Fantastic Value and looking at a reversal trend. Current Price is near the price pre approval and IPO which means there is a lot of upsides. Cyclical move into biomed.. great oppty and timing for the buyout before price become higher…and short squeeze due to manupulation of the bullies in a Low float enviroment… through observation of the capital flow trends and also price movements. Spike of shorts volume Pre Christmas waiting to cover..

P.S. Lynn have expiring options on Jan 2022…
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