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commented on a stock12/29/2021 20:46

Question on sea's earning?

$Sea(SE.US)$ is seen as a localized mixture of Ali and tencent with strong footprint in gaming(both in development n operation), plus Shopee a well established platform in South East Asia beating Lazada, both are quite profitable. it has grown into one of the most successful company in Singapore?but I can't stop asking the question: why the earning is always negative and grow more negative year by year?
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  • R and R : Because it is expanding aggressively. Latin america, Europe, Indian. The more it expand, the more money it burned because they are giving discount and incentive to gain market share. Thats how they beat lazada in southeast asia and ML in Brazil. They won't stop burning money and might issue shares again if they run out of money. Good strategy or not, depends on how you look at it.

  • ChmnOP R and R: null