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wrote a post12/29/2021 14:32

Christmas sales of Oculus VR devices, Meta rose over 3% on Monday

$Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ Meta(FB.US)'s virtual reality application Oculus jumped to the top of the list of free apps in the United States on the Apple App Store on Christmas Day, and it also jumped to the top five in 14 countries/regions. Since Oculus VR devices need to be activated via APP, the top downloads of APP can reflect the big sales of Meta's VR devices during the Christmas holidays.

Boosted by this news, Meta's US stocks closed up 3.26% on Monday to 346.18 US dollars, reaching the highest closing level in six weeks.

It is reported that the Oculus application only ranked the top 10 in iOS entertainment applications in the US market before Christmas. KeyBanc analyst Justin Patterson said that Oculus is "the most popular gift this holiday season, and it may benefit from a shortage of game consoles."

Article excerpted from the US Stock Research Agency
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