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What's the biggest mistake you've made while trading?
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joined discussion12/29/2021 12:16

Buying into the BlackHole of Dipping

The lesson I learnt tis year is to do due diligence in hanging onto the fundamentals of companies, instead of just blindly following the buying patterns likes of Munger, buying into the bottomless Dips trap, with little light at the end of the tunnel due to Geopolitical risk of the stocks being delisted unkown in the pipeline. $Alibaba(BABA.US)$
Buying into the BlackHole of Dipping
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  • 股勇者 : Perhaps in 6-9mth along the road, you may be thankful for what u bought in 2021.

  • Daniel Zn : This is a value buy. Few years later it’ll be back at 200, and you’ll double up.

  • MooChng : It's about your time horizon. No one can predict the bottom. If you can't take paper loss after doing your research... then sell out. Go back to reevaluate. :)

  • Qiongster : This is still a profitable business with immense growth prospects. Be greedy when others are fearful.

  • Thelord : A lot of idiots blindly buy because munger bought, pabrai bought etc. Then continue to wishful thinking that the stock will miraculously rocket to the moon. These ppl deserve to lose all their money. And btw, pabrai sold all his baba stock