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joined discussion12/28/2021 11:19

CSRC draft to allow vie

$Alibaba(BABA.US)$ $NYSE(NYSE.US)$ $Tencent(TCEHY.US)$ Right before the weekend the CSRC issued news that they have drafted new rules in regards to vie. Its crazy news that they will allow vie provided companies meet their security regulations...most companies already do now.

I read their news press and they actually say that they are going forward and encouraging companies to list in other nations as part of opening up their economy. That would mean we have baba, tencent, etc. Actually listed on the nyse!

Thats huge and yet hardly a mention of this on American news sites. Huh?
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  • bananarama : Western (and media from any other countries other than China) are spinning it as a negative news - "China restricting listings overseas" is the headline. FUD everywhere for Chinese stocks.

  • MonkeyGee : come here my friend it's safe don't worry just set down between these 2 iron rails and rest your feet.  you can trust me.