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Co-Wise: Why do you stick to long-term investment?
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Cow Moo-ney
joined discussion12/27/2021 12:30

Why do I go with long term investing?

1. More Rational, Less Emotional - you will tend not to be affected by market volatility. This allows you to sleep better at night. Generally, long term investing is less stressful vis-à-vis trading

2. You don’t have to time the market - time in market over timing the market. And staying invested throughout will leverage on compounding interest. A lot of people underestimate the power of it.

3. Save time - when you don’t have to try to time the market, it saves a lot of your time as you don’t need to do research or watch the market movements daily

4. Lesser investment risks - a lot of people also underestimate this portion. Swing / day traders definitely face more risks. But that doesn’t mean their method is wrong/not good - these traders put in lots of time and efforts to manage the risk. Hence kudos to them. Everyone has their own plan and risk appetite, that’s all I can say

5. Be part of the company - by holding stocks over long term means you’re part of the company (in a way). You will grow with the company and join its journey to success (hopefully!)

6. Bonus: Make friends - you can meet like minded people and shout “to the moon” with the fellow long term stock holders :)

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