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        My Christmas Wishlist for 2022
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        We Rise by Lifting Others

        Dear Santa Moo,

        I wish for a “save button” and “save folder” for posts. Oftentimes, I had to halt my writing abruptly as I need to attend to other urgent matters. The screen will indicate “Draft Saved” with a pop-up icon.

        Santa Moo, I have always wondered… where exactly is the draft being saved to? Whenever I exit the page or app, I cannot retrieve the draft anymore. I am sure many Mooers who actively participates in discussions will appreciate these 2 useful functions as well.

        Christmas Wishlist for 2022

        Most people will be in the exact same place next Christmas, as they are today. Don’t be most people.

        As it may be a challenging time for some, you may wish to also share festive happiness with poor people (rich from heart) or homeless pets by giving food, snacks, clothes, etc…

        Sharing happiness with others is the realest and best thing we can actually do, instead of solely making grand wishes ( or setting big goals or resolutions ) during a festive season.
        We Rise by Lifting Others

        We can learn from all the mistakes (investing/personal) we did and take them as valuable lessons. Stop regretting the past. Spend more time with the people that truly matters: There is just too little time in this life for us to waste it on insincere and duplicitous people.

        HeartHeart Please remember that a bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.

        CandleCandle May all Mooers progress and be at an even better place this time, next 2022 Christmas!
        We Rise by Lifting Others
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        • Evelynne : The article is really well written and has been influenced

        • HopeAlways : In the moomoo community, we can grow by lifting others up. Yeah!

        • HuatEver : Your compassion and kindness gives an added value to life. When we fulfil an act of kindness our body releases feel-good chemicals.

        • KT88 :

        • KT88 Evelynne: This is so true! Thumbs Up

        • HuatLady : A valuable reflection of your thoughfulness.Your Legacy of sharing will certainly inject POSITIVITY into our Moomoo  community.

        • SyueeOP Evelynne:

        • KT88 : Such an awe-inspiring article. Thank you for the wise sharing. Your positivity is so infectious! Worship

        • GratefulPanda : Thanks for bringing this to light! I also can't find my saved posts, and especially when I accidentally pressed the back button FacepalmSob It would really be great if there was a save botton or at least make it easier for us to locate the drafts. I rem I located it once and then I can't it the next time... it's like hidden in the matrix or something ShockedTongue

        • SyueeOP Evelynne: Shake Kindness begets kindness.

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