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Mark Campbell
wrote a post12/26/2021 19:05

22'-CRYPTO TO EXCEED $4trillion MKTCAP?! 👀

If I said I wasn't nervous about my crypto assets future heading into the new year... I'd be so god damn full of shit it'd be leaking through my poors like... never mind. All I'm trying to say is this. For the love of everything in this world that's worthy of having a place to belong, make this the year for my familia and I to be comfortable financially & I'll pay it forward to others on a daily. Hell I almost do now, just can't afford the shit I give away, haha. Make this year a GRN ONE for all of us here and those that haven't made it yet. HDL THE FAM'S STOCKS/ASSETS to the grave, only to have the fams future generations set for centuries to come. Fossilize my ASSETS/STOCKS for all that come after me!!
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