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2021 in Review: My Investing Journey Forges Ahead
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joined discussion12/25/2021 04:37

So far I got about 4% up of where I started

I started trading journal this year from November. these couples of month make my investment gains about 4 % from I started.

The first week I was kind of just browsing around the fuctions and watch videos. It's new for me but thankful that MooMoo app has a lots of resources which helped a lots. I am still learning all the functions, resources and resarch to reach my goal of financially freedom.  

What I learned a lots from my experiences which help me set up a better habits of trading stock. It might not be suitable for everyone but that just base on my personal experiences and could change as different experiences.

1. I am no longer feel panic and sell the stock right the way when I see red numbers. Because I start to choose the stocks that I believe it will reach the price that I think it will.

2. I learned that I need to wait and patient to let the stock goes down and then go up to the price  that I want.

3. I learned  that keep buying if the stock goes down and sell it when it goes back up to average the price.

4. I learned that always take some profit first. If it might goes up again, sell half to take the profit first and buy back if the price goes down.

5. I learned that popular stocks that always on the news usually have high waves of up and down. If buy at the down resistant point there's high chance to get some profit but you never know!

7. Believe in myself and make my own judgement. No body knows only guess!
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