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Co-Wise: How did you start short-term trading?
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joined discussion12/09/2021 17:51

My Best Practices for Day Trading! 💗

CoffeeThese are my personal best practices. Which from 1 to 5 you love most? Here:
1. If you want to be a day trader in stocks, you need a minimum of $30,000 in the USD.
2. TA Technical analysis and CR chart reading are both essential skills for a day trader to have but use with care.
3. Beware emotion swings in the Market
4. Flip away your Hearsay Prata Friends who will cloud your judgements.
5. Be clear about a stock you buy is for short term or long term. Often, day trading earn by entering and closing out multiple trades in a day in pursuit of profits is for short term for example.

Love 💝 💕 ❤️
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