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wrote a post12/09/2021 14:16

10 Top Stocks to Watch in Cathie Wood’s New CTRU Transparency ETF

$NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ takes the top spot on the list. CTRU is currently holding 96 shares of the company, making up 1.51% of the fund.

$MaxLinear(MXL.US)$ comes in second, with 410 shares accounting for a 1.46% weight.

$Enphase Energy(ENPH.US)$ is No. 3 on the list. The 134 shares of the solar energy company account for 1.45% of the ETF.

American automation company $Teradyne(TER.US)$ is fourth, with 184 shares making up 1.42%

$Cloudflare(NET.US)$ is also present on the list, with 178 shares accounting for 1.35%.

$Bloom Energy(BE.US)$ comes in at the No. 5 spot. The CTRU ETF contains 1,080 shares of the company, also for 1.35% weight.

$HP Inc(HPQ.US)$ is also a big player for the Transparency ETF, with 740 shares worth 1.34%

Little needs to be said of industry titan Tesla. The EV maker is good for 26 shares, making up 1.33%.

The first clothing company on the list, $Buckle Inc(BKE.US)$ , is present for 514 shares worth 1.25% of the ETF.

Rounding out the list is $Intuit(INTU.US)$ The Transparency ETF holds 38 shares of INTU stock, accounting for 1.24% of the fund.
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