5 short squeeze candidates to track: PROG, DBGI, PTGX, AGC, PALT

A short squeeze can occur when a heavily shorted stock rises in value instead of falling. Short sellers could be looking to close out their position and can face a loss if they have to buy back the shares they initially borrowed at a higher price.

Here is a look at Fintel's top five short squeeze candidates for the week of Oct. 25.

$Progenity(PROG.US)$$Digital Brands Group(DBGI.US)$$Protagonist Therapeutics(PTGX.US)$$Altimeter Growth Corp(AGC.US)$$Paltalk(PALT.US)$

Source: Fintel
Source: Fintel

Let's look for the next $GameStop(GME.US)$ or $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$.

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