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China stocks coming back stronger? Upward or downward trend?
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Daniel Zn
joined discussion08/25/2021 09:14

$JD-SW(09618.HK)$ I have to admire Liu Qiangdong's wisdom. The biggest...

$JD-SW(09618.HK)$ I have to admire Liu Qiangdong's wisdom. The biggest highlight of this financial report is two words: balance. $$ 

1. The number of JD employees has grown to 400,000, and many employment problems have been solved. The government is happy.

2. The substantial increase in operating income shows that investors are happy with rapid growth.

3. The decrease in profit rate indicates that profits are sacrificed in order to ensure employment and growth. Investors believe it is short-term. This shows that Jingdong has made sacrifices for these. In short, JD is still favored by everyone
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