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commented on a stock08/25/2021 07:16

To all new apes

$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ new apes who do not want to miss out the fun. its time to buy now. but how this works is that you have to really hold it to see the price move to the moon.

the price is super volatile and you will expect crazy movements. stay numb to emotions and when it dips. load and average down.

the future you will thank the now you for what you have done. be part of the ape movement and make yourself some good money from the evil hedge funds out there.

good luck as the space ship is warming up for launch.
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  • Peachy moon : After awhile, new apes will get use to it become no feeling at all until we see it really fly off. 🤣

  • 超ApeOP : Yeah.. I am not the veteran Ape from
    8 bucks but one at 70. And because of how this ape movement is a sure win for us apes. We just need to tire and burn the HF oUt. Slowly average down to 46.
    The process is Enjoyable and hopeful if you know what you are doing. Simple, buy and hold and get to the moon price target you want. Price only moves if you and everyone else hold.
    The HF will need to buy back at whatever Price the stock is at, simple :))