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        FAQ: Why can’t my money be converted or withdrawn after selling my shares?

        Also known as : How to withdraw funds from moomoo to my bank account? How to withdraw my money from Funds/Unit Trusts?
        This is written from the perspective of a Futu Singapore customer. If you are in the US or Australia, the information regarding conversion to SGD and withdrawing to a bank account in Singapore is not applicable to you.

        Withdrawal FAQ for those in the US
        Click the link and scroll down to FAQ on Deposits and Withdrawals

        Withdrawal FAQ for those in Australia

        Settlement Period
        After the shares are sold, you have to wait T+2 trading days (based on the time zone of the stock market) for the funds to settle before you can:
        1) Withdraw, or
        2) Convert to your preferred currency using Futu’s rate (Accounts > Currency Exchange) and withdraw.

        If you sold a stock on Mon, Tue is only T+1. Do factor in time zone differences (SG is ahead of the US). Furthermore, stock markets don’t operate on weekends and public holidays.

        For more information on currency exchange, see
        Currency exchange FAQ-moomoo Help Center
        For funds redeemed from mutual funds, there is also a waiting period before the amount is withdrawable (it varies for different mutual funds). To check this, you can go to the fund, click on “Subscribe” > ”Buying Rules” at the top right corner >  “Redemption” tab. The picture below is for Cash Plus SGD.
        To learn how to redeem from funds/unit trusts, click Cash Plus - a possible vehicle to park your idle funds and scroll down to “How to Redeem”.
        FAQ: Why can’t my money be converted or withdrawn after selling my shares?

        How to Withdraw (for those in Singapore and Malaysia)

        Please add your bank account details prior to withdrawal.
        Accounts > All Functions > Bank Account
        FAQ: Why can’t my money be converted or withdrawn after selling my shares?
        Accounts > All Functions > Withdraw

        1) Withdrawal to a third party account is not allowed due to anti-money laundering policy.

        2) You have to upload a picture of the passbook page or bank statement showing the bank account number and the name of the bank account holder (the name must be the same as the moomoo account holder). Other sensitive information can be concealed.

        3) Withdrawing USD/HKD directly to a SGD bank account will result in conversion to SGD by the receiving bank at the bank’s exchange rate. If you have a multi-currency bank account, you can withdraw USD/HKD without conversion but non-DBS accounts and overseas bank accounts will be charged telegraphic fees. Withdraw Funds-moomoo Help Center
        I’m not a staff of Moomoo. I wrote this to help fellow Moomoo users. Pls click 👍 if it has helped you.
        Disclaimer: Community is offered by Moomoo Technologies Inc. and is for educational purposes only. Read more
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