[Reward points giveaway] Warren Buffett vs. Cathie Wood, who is the true guru?

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By now, you might have already heard of the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting that's going to happen on May 1st.

Meanwhile, we are hosting a "Warren Buffett vs. Cathie Wood, who is the true guru?" discussion. 

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[Topic of discussion]

Warren Buffett vs. Cathie Wood, who is the true guru?

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Simply reply here with your thoughts on who you think is the true guru(Buffett or Wood) along with your reasons.

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April 27, 2021 to May 7, 2021

Conditions: All responses must be posted in the comment section below by 11:59 PM ET on May 7 2021. 

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Between Buffett and Wood, who do you think is the true guru?

The iconic value investor Warren Buffett?

Or the disruptive innovation investor Cathie Wood?

Share your thoughts and earn reward points!


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More details:

Warren Buffett is an American investor, business tycoon, philanthropist, and the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The Oracle of Omaha is a nickname for Warren Buffett, who is arguably one of the greatest investors of all time. He believes investing is a psychological game as much as it is having finance and business knowledge. He is driven by staying true to his values, not by wealth. And he does not invest in anything that he doesn't understand which is the reason he barely invested in tech. (Learn more about Buffett and his investment concepts  HERE, and more on  2021 Berkshire AGM).

Cathie Wood founded ARK Invest in 2004 but has just started trending all over the world recently. In contrast with Buffett, she embraces new technology and believes that we are in a golden age of disruptive innovation. She asserts that companies based on AI/deep learning, blockchain, digital payments, energy storage, robotics, and genomics will experience exponential growth in the coming decade. (Know more about ARK updates  HERE).

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