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        What do you think about Coinbase's direct listing?
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        Beware & Be Cautious of Cryto MLM

        Came across this detail interesting Cryto related article..

        ✨ Cryptoqueen: How this woman scammed the world, then vanished..

        So if someone else has is promoting that their own blockchain technology, a SQL server with a database." and is not listed in any proven exchange... Just beware... My 2cents worth of advice..

        MLM is not illegal. Big companies like Amway and Herbalife use these techniques. But it is controversial, because usually only a small number of people make all the money. It's also notorious for exaggerated promises of high earnings and tough sales targets. When there is nothing of value to sell, though, and all the money is made by recruiting other people, it is illegal and goes by another name: a pyramid scheme.
        Beware & Be Cautious of Cryto MLM
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        • treydongui : I remember this broad. she came out as a female leader in crypto with tons of intelligence way beyond most in 2016 right before the last Bull run and she worked people dry. wow I'll miss forgot about this lady

        • 70156386 : Great link, interesting story! Thanks.

        • 31dragonOP : Yes.. Just a sharing.. Inside there is explanation of how MLM works.. Just don't blindly follow greed and been scam.. Always do your diligence homework analysis... Impt questions to ask yourself, how you know that you buy this so called XXX coins is the real value of your investment worth it? Or it is just like figures plug in by savy IT guys into their Own SQL server that worth nothing but according to what they claim as it is worth that much..

        The more you learn,the more you EARN‼️ Knowledge is King™️‼️